• What Ostomy Pouch brands do the Ostomy Pouch Pockets work with?  The OPP has been tested with Hollister, ConvaTec and Coloplast Ostomy Pouches and they work well with the OPP.  But any pouch that is approximately 5 inches wide and 11 to 13 inches long should work with the OPP. 
  • Why is the OPP designed to work outside clothing? This is done to help the ostomy pouch function better and more comfortably -  by helping aid ostomy pouch flow and supporting the weight of the ostomy pouch. 
  • Where are the OPP's made? The Ostomy Pouch Pockets are made in Seattle Washington out of high quality, local materials.
  • Can I drive with an OPP in place?  Yes, but we recommend putting the seat belt underneath the Ostomy Pouch Pocket.