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What is an Ostomy Pouch Pocket?

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How does it work

The Ostomy Pouch Pocket (OPP) works by attaching to your belt or waist band directly below your stoma using the two clips on the back of the OPP.

After the OPP is in place, you pull the velcro tab to open the pocket and place the pouch in the OPP. After closing the velcro tab you're ready to go!

During the day you just check on the pouch and when emptying is required, the same process of using the velcro tab is repeated.

The OPP is for you if:

Your waistband or belt is worn 1 to 3 inches below your stoma and you are comfortable wearing shirts that are not tucked in.

5 Pocket colors to choose from

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Pockets used in Work, Home, and Office

In the Office

In the office, the OPP prevents frequent bathroom trips, and looks good in the casual work environment.

At Home

The OPP is good for everyday wear around the house. It only takes seconds to put in place and will keep your ostomy pouch secure as long as you need it to.

At work or play

The Ostomy Pouch Pocket is a great help when working around the house or on the job, securing ostomy pouch in place and helping to protect it from damage.